Do you want fresh, locally grown food, but don't want to give up the convenience of a regular grocery store? There's no need to wait for your closest mega-chain supermarket to carry the good stuff.

We deliver right to your door at home or work, uptown or downtown, for a small fee. Each delivery includes a copy of the nutritionist penned Digest This! newsletter filled with food facts & recipes. This once a month delivery contains a wide variety of all local & regionally sourced produce & eggs.

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Slow Food USA

Recognizing that the enjoyment of wholesome food is essential to the pursuit of happiness, Slow Food U.S.A. is an educational organization dedicated to promoting stewardship of the land and ecologically sound food production; reviving the kitchen and the table as the centers of pleasure, culture, and community; invigorating and proliferating regional, seasonal culinary traditions; creating a collaborative, ecologically-oriented, and virtuous globalization; and living a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life.