Subscription & Delivery

Like a Farmer’s Market to your door ~ year round!

We deliver right to your door at home or work, uptown or downtown, for a small fee. Each delivery includes a copy of the nutritionist penned Digest This! newsletter filled with food facts & recipes. This once a month delivery contains a wide variety of all local & regionally sourced produce & eggs.

Key Benefits

  • Reap the health benefits of eating locally & naturally grown foods while helping to build a sustainable community of farmers.
  • We deliver right to your door at home or work, uptown or downtown.
  • There is NO membership fee or binding contract beyond you’re ‘in’ until you say
    you’re ‘out’ and you’re ‘out’ until you say you’re ‘in’.


Basic Subscription

  • A “full share” member pays $75 per delivery and receives a bag (or two) of produce and other products including farm fresh eggs.
  • A “half share” member pays $65 per delivery and receives half of what a “full share” member receives (usually missing the rare and most expensive items). We recommend to those contemplating a half share to find a cohort to split the bounty!
  • Each delivery includes a copy of the nutritionist penned Digest This! newsletter
    filled with food facts & recipes. Also included is a menu to guide you
    through your bag of goodies.
  • For those of you who haven’t tasted Basic Roots winter selections, here are
    some of the products you can look forward to… fresh greens, hot house
    veggies, seasonal produce & eggs with additional grains, canned goods, nuts,
    frozen fruits, frozen entrees, cheese, butter, yogurt & more to round out
    your variety. All from sustainable local & regional farmers that we know &

Deluxe Subscription

  • Adds an assortment of quality cuts of meat, value-added products from a variety of farms, dairy,
    grains, personal products & even local wines. Deluxe your your bounty for an additional $30.
  • Add “Extra Eggs” for $5 each dozen.

Special Considerations

  • You pay at time of delivery (tips for driver are appreciated). Home delivery while you’re at work is just a matter of remembering to set out your cooler with your payment and during warmer months with a freezer pack inside.
  • Every delivery is different, even if that means a different Heirloom sweet
    corn two deliveries in a row. Quantity fluctuates with nature ~ more in
    times of plenty, a little less in lean times. Luckily we have a good working
    relationship with over one hundred central Indiana farmers, plus more within
    250 miles. We pay fair prices for our purchases! We even have farmers
    planting our own “Kids in Bloom” Heirloom seeds to purchase the crop for our
    members each year.
  • By joining our group you are directly supporting your local food chain of
    sustainable growers. You position yourself one step away from your food
    provider while carving thousands of miles off of your carbon foot print.
  • Vegetarians and Members with allergies must alert us to their needs so we can respect them. Otherwise, members receive what our farmers have to sell.


Basic Roots Community Foods has hit the streets! If you live on the near eastside or in Lockerbie, keep your eye out for JUICE, our mobile cart of fruits and veggies, making good food easily accessible.

Value added goods direct from farmers are pricey when you pay fair prices. Basic Roots strives to maintain value for our members, stellar quality, freshness and variety while keeping our farmers growing.

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